Wrist Sprain Recovery Time

Sprained wrist recovery time depends upon a lot of factors, mainly the severity of the sprain. The recovery time is also different from individual to individual. For some, it heals in few days while it takes weeks time in some cases. Proper care and medication are very important for the fast healing of the wrist sprain.

The wrist joint is known to be very flexible and is known to be susceptible to different kinds of injuries. A sprain of the wrist is very common in athletics; even non-athletics can injure their wrist due to various reasons, though. The pain that occurs when one has a sprained wrist is not only confined to the wrist area, but it also spreads to the hand and the forearm in many cases. Many people who are suffering from wrist sprain are very eager to know the recovery time so that they can get rid of the pain.

Causes of a Sprain Wrist.

Such sprains usually occur when a person loses their balance and falls down, trying to catch themselves using their hand. It is a very natural tendency to stretch out the hands when falling.  The result is hurting or spraining the wrist. If the wrist is hit by something or if the pressure is more when a person is falling, there are also chances that the wrist may twist and a tear in the ligaments may occur as well. These ligaments are made up of very strong tissues and when these get over stretched, it takes a very long time to heal, thus increasing the sprained wrist recovery time.

Healing a Wrist Sprain

The best method to heal wrist pain faster is to start the right treatment soon after the occurrence of the injury. This helps in faster relief, and the sprain heals up quickly. After the injury, applying of ice does provide some relief. This can be repeated for 2-3 days but do not spring back to action after having some relief from the pain. Such instances can delay the sprained wrist recovery time and at times can lead to more injury. Check out the RICE method for a more detailed description.

Wrist Sprain Rehabilitation

Some simple wrist exercises can also be followed for the flexibility of the joints. Some of such simple exercises are squeezing a rubber ball, spreading and closing fingers several times, imitation of typing actions, etc. These exercises should be done regularly for a week or two to improve the movement of the wrist joint and to decrease the pain. Once you observe that there is no pain while stretching the fingers, then one can also practice the exercise of throwing a ball against the wall.

Though it is very difficult to estimate the sprained wrist recovery time, it takes about three to four weeks time for a person to recover completely. As it is a known fact that the wrist sprain does take long to heal, precautionary measures need to be taken to avoid any such injuries. Performing some exercises regularly to strengthen the wrists on a regular basis will keep your wrists very strong and flexible, and thus more resistant to injury.

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