Factors for Sprain Recovery Time

October 14th, 2012

The sprain is the most common injury a person is likely to have several times in their life. Sprain injuries can occur in any person regardless if they are athletic or not. In order to figure out the sprain recovery time it is first essential to understand what a sprain is.

Sprains are defined as injuries in a joint. This if typically caused when a ligament is stretched beyond its capacity. Similarly muscle tears are in the same manner referred to as muscle strain, and it is another kind of injury. The worst case scenario when it comes to torn ligaments or muscle tissue involving immobilization and possibly a need for surgical repair. The most common areas for sprains to occur are in the ankle and wrist. A telltale sign of sprains aside from the obvious pain in the affected area would be evident swelling, bruising or redness, and difficulty moving the damaged joint.

Sprain recovery time for this type of injury varies greatly on several diff... READ MORE

Preventing Knee Sprain

October 7th, 2012

Individuals can prevent knee sprains by following some simple guidelines. These injuries are painful as it is caused due to sudden tearing or stretching of ligaments in the knee joints. Ligaments are the connective tissues binding the joint together. They are important in the knee as they support the joint and hold bones in position. However, when these ligaments are suddenly torn or stretched, it will create severe pain in the knees that might even make a person lose consciousness.

Sprained knees are commonly observed in professional sports as the athletes work hard physically and that causes excess physical stress. It is important to follow the instructions and tips provided by a physiotherapist or sports medicine professionals in order to prevent sports-related injury. Knee sprains are caused to most people at some stage of their life due to work... READ MORE

High Ankle Sprain in the NFL

September 22nd, 2012

A high ankle sprain is a serious injury uncommon in most activities, but more common in football due to the intense twisting forces involved in the sport. Currently several NFL players are on the bench due to high ankle sprains.

As of September 2012, Aaron Hernandez of the New England Patriots has a high ankle sprain. Also, Matt Forte of the Chicago Cubs was suspected of having a high ankle sprain, but has been shown to not be so serious.

High ankle sprains (also called syndesmotic ankle sprains) are a stretching or tearing of the ligaments in the ankle. Specifically, it’s... READ MORE

Sprain: A Common Joint Injury

September 14th, 2012
The Injury

A sprain is a painful injury caused to your connective tissues of the joint when you stretch them beyond their ability to stretch. Sprains are a quite normal type of joint injury with a huge number of individuals seeking treatment for new injuries every day. Many sprains happen during sports activities. In tennis, a person stretches his / her leg too much for a passing ball. Or a runner slips without having a stable foothold. These are standard cases. When somebody begins a new exercise program after having a prolonged sedentary life style, the ligaments will not be able to take the stretching and this makes a sprain. Everyday life can be just as packed with hazards. Over-reaching to the top shelf or twisting an ankle heading down some steps are just as prone to produce a sprain.

Understanding ... READ MORE

Preventing Ankle Sprain – The Right Shoes

September 6th, 2012

Sprained ankle is one of the most common injuries in the world. In the United States alone there are an estimated fifteen to twenty-five thousand new cases daily. It’s certainly among the most common injuries seen in emergency rooms and hospitals. So is there any ways to reduce this number?

There is.  And it starts with shoes.

Modern shoes are becoming more and more technologically advanced. Better materials, stronger cushioning, and more comfortable designs.  Unfortunately, none of these contribute to foot and ankle health. Surprised?  So was I.

There is actually very little research done on the REAL effectiveness of a shoe’s design before it is sent out. In fact, recent research is showing that the cushioned, high-tech shoes are resulting in more injuries instead of preventing them.

There are several reasons modern at... READ MORE

Faster Sprain Recovery – What Foods to Eat

September 1st, 2012

Faster sprain recovery with food?  Yes, absolutely.

Having a balanced diet is always important, but especially so after an injury.  The body needs additional nutrients to repair damage, and some of those nutrients may not be in your regular diet (or at least not enough).

Though it’s important to continue eating healthily after your injury, there are certain nutrients that will help speed the recovery from your injury. Many of these are common nutrients that you can get from a variety of foods and supplements, though whole foods are generally considered the healthiest way to get your essential vitamins and minerals.

The following nutrients are especially important to a faster sprain recovery time:

Beta-carotene – This is a key component of collagen, the material that makes up the ligaments that were damaged in the sp... READ MORE

The RICE Method Helpful But Incomplete

August 21st, 2012

The RICE method is an effective first response to a sprain. It’s recommended by sports trainers, paramedics, and doctors to relieve much of the initial swelling and prevent additional swelling and pain. As a long-term therapy for sprains, however, it just isn’t enough.

RICE stands for Rest, Ice, Compression, and Elevation.  These are the four steps to immediately dealing with the injury. They are undeniably effective as a first response, but they don’t deal with the injury over an extended period of time or accelerate the healing process. In fact, if the injury isn’t properly dealt with, it could become a chronic condition.

There are a few simple things that you can do at home to help the healing process along, though.

Hot/Cold Alternations – Most of the pa... READ MORE

A Quick Look at Sprains

August 11th, 2012
What is a sprain?

A sprain is a very unpleasant injury to the ligaments when you stretch them beyond their ability to stretch. Sprains are a very common sort of joint injury with many thousands of us seeking remedy for new injuries day after day. Athletes are particularly at risk of sprains. A tennis player may reach too far to return a serve. Or a jogger slips without having a firm foothold. These and a lot more injuries are commonplace among athletes. When somebody sets out to exercise suddenly following a prolonged sedentary lifestyle, the ligaments won’t be able to take the stretching, which makes a sprain. In everyday living, the chief causes are exerting yourself far too much or losing your foothold while walking.

Understanding Joints

Understanding our joints will let us to grasp sprains. Any part of our skeleton that allows movement is a joint. The movement is allowe... READ MORE

Rice Method Variations

August 4th, 2012

The RICE method is the standard first aid for sprains. It may not be a complete rehabilitation program on its own, but it’s definitely the first line of defense. There are a few variations on the RICE method, however. These may include different steps either before or after the standard four steps.  But before we talk about the variations, let’s review the RICE method.

What is the RICE method?

The RICE is an an acronym to help remember the steps of this method. The method is a typical treatment for sprains of all kinds, as well as other injuries. It doesn’t replace medical care, however, and should be used only until the injured person can see a doctor. It can also be used for the two days following an injury to help reduce the pain, swelling and immobility often associated with a sprain.READ MORE

Sprain Treatment: The RICE Method

July 31st, 2012

What’s the RICE Method?

The RICE method is a simple series of steps for the treatment of a variety of injuries, including joint injuries, fractures, and contusions (otherwise known as bruises). It’s useful as both first-aid and as a kind of long-term treatment method. It’s quick, basic, and should be performed as soon as possible after any sort of sports injury. For this site’s purposes, we shall be handling the procedure as it refers to sprains.

RICE is really an acronym for Rest, Ice, Compression, and Elevation. Definitely makes it easier to bear in mind, especially if you need to take care of an injury when hurt. This specific protocol must be used for no less than 48 hours after the initial sprain, or longer based on the degree of the sprain. You should realize that the RICE method won’t replace expert medic... READ MORE

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